Egret Panel

The panels offer endless possibilities, sizes and shapes, vertical, horizontal, interior, exterior, any topic, any subject

34" Tall

Bird in flight Panel

This method of pronounced layering of metals enhances the sculpture giving it a unique pop and shadowy depth.

41 " Tall

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time lapse photography of star

Note: the sculptures are not exact replicas; they are handmade, forged- formed, welded and assembled one piece at a time. When forging - forming the individual copper wool for instance pieces are irregular, a little longer, wider, curvier etc. When assembling I take the liberty of artistic license to creatively approximate the essence of the sculpture. Patina – coloration may vary

Something to Look Forward To:

I have introduced a new way to communicate with periodic emails providing new works and a glimpse of “in studio” behind the scene works in progress. And, most importantly, a more personal interaction with clients showing the inspirational thoughts and ideas of how the sculptures evolve. Client feedback has been tremendous. Please join me in this endeavor and sign up to stay in touch!


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