A sculpture begins with a thought or concept, grows with further research and design, and finishes with construction. DiTarando sculptures are constructed of weatherproof non-ferrous, recycled metals (up to 95% recycled scrap) – such as copper, bronze and stainless steel – using a combination of welded-fabrication, die forming and casting.

Fabricated Metal

Direct metal sculpture is the basic creative platform through which Roger’s study of anthropomorphic relationships have been, and continue to be, explored. He has used this process as as stabilizing force from which he has continued to diversify. The versatility of this approach, which encompasses hand wrought, forged, and welded construction, offers an exhilarating immediacy to a sculptural idea. Using fabricated metal eliminates complex processes and timely delays, allowing all of Roger’s energy to channel into the more pleasurable intimacies of the creative process.


Sand-casting projects (like the Fish Grates) require wood patterns. Once the pattern is constructed, not only can the design can be replicated, but the pattern can be cast in any pourable metal (steel, cast iron, brass, bronze, or aluminum). Cast iron is often a low-cost, durable option


Die-forming is used to form any type of sheet metal. Tooling dies are made of male/female mating components which are then pressed with the desired metal between them. The resulting material conforms to the shape of the mating dies.