Rooster Series

Works in various degrees of construction:

Constructed of welded - fabricated copper, bronze, brass and stainless steel. Note the color, texture and detail.

red and blue wallpaper

The Roosters present a number of opportunities from a fine art interior piece in you home, to a stunning exterior sculpture surrounded by beautiful colorful plantings, possibly as a water feature set atop a stone column with gentle soft sounds of trickling water or maybe as a weather vane peering down from your roof top for all to see.

time lapse photography of star

The Phoenix Rooster has a sophisticated oriental flare with their long flowing tails. In real life, the Phoenix Roosters can be bred to have tails as long as 25 feet.

Phoenix Rooster 64" long

"Can you see one of these stunning pieces featured in your landscape"?

Phoenix Rooster Tail 8' long

Return To Sculpture

"In the right setting they come alive''!

Rooster 24" T / Ball 9" Dia.

Rooster 24" T / Ball 9" Dia.

Something to Look Forward To:

I have introduced a new way to communicate with periodic emails providing new works and a glimpse of “in studio” behind the scene works in progress. And, most importantly, a more personal interaction with clients showing the inspirational thoughts and ideas of how the sculptures evolve. Client feedback has been tremendous. Please join me in this endeavor and sign up to stay in touch!


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