Large Birdbath

This particular birdbath has a 34” diameter copper bowl, a original one of a kind handmade copper bird with a 14” wingspan when fully open.

Fine art Large Birdbath 
Dimensions: bowl diameter 34" Bowls available in round or square
Motif’s, from a frog and lily pads, handmade birds, dragonfly’s and more to come. 

Roger’s sculpture covers the gamut from fine art to whimsy including functional garden elements, weathervane's, birdbaths, gates, fountains and more. Given the sculptures unique eclectic qualities, it works in sophisticated to comfortable environments.

“A frequently asked question is how to display the birdbath bowls”
There are numerous ways of displaying the birdbaths from a ceramic vase, an antique column to a loosely stacked pile of rustic brick for starters. I find the simplest, most compatible and available method is stone. Stone comes in an infinite variety of sizes, shapes and colors, add grasses, shrubs and plants, now you have a stunning presentation, be creative!

Pedestals available

34" Dia. round bowl on a Stainless steel and copper branch form pedestal.

Naturally aged copper with a blend of verdigris patina

34" Dia. Square bowl featuring various motif’s, from a frog and lily pads, handmade birds, dragonfly’s and more to come.

Individually sculpted by Roger for over 45 years. Constructed of lost wax cast bronze, welded - fabricated - forged - copper, bronze, brass and stainless steel. Substantial & durable, capable of extreme climates, can stay out all winter. No maintenance needed, easily installed.

Numerous sizes, styles and motifs available, tailored to you needs. An excellent application for individual homes, corporate sculpture, public spaces, healthcare organizations and memorial gardens as well.

Note: the sculptures are not exact replicas; they are handmade, forged- formed, welded and assembled one piece at a time. When forging - forming a metal branch for instance it may be a little longer, thinner, thicker, curvier etc. When assembling I take the liberty of artistic license to creatively approximate the essence of the sculpture.

Patina – coloration may vary.
Handle carefully, edges may be rough and pointed.

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